Richard has always had a passion for creating well made handcrafted furniture, that is ethical and looks beautiful. After working in building sites for a few years, and witnessing a lot of gorgeous old timber being disposed of, he decided to use only reclaimed materials for the furniture he wanted to make. Not only to make use of the vast amounts of waste, but also to create pieces that were as unique as the wood he was making it out of.
The natural edge timber he uses comes from trees that have either fallen, had to come down for safety reasons, or been felled to preserve ancient woodland. The reclaimed pieces come from either reclamation yards, contacts in the building trade, or anywhere he can scavenge them. All timber is sourced locally, even materials such as mirror glass is bought from charity shops to minimise waste.
Richard believes in making quality products, and takes pride in the pieces that he makes. Bespoke orders are welcomed, so if you're looking for something a little bit different - or can't find what you are looking for - an individual piece that's perfect for your home can be created.